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Bacha is a USA-based startup company to build an industry-leading peer-to-peer betting platform. That offers all the lines of a traditional sportsbook, with -105 Spreads, -105 Totals, and Moneyline bets. Peer-to-Peer Online Sports Betting Is the Future of Gambling. The Casino world is ready for a platform revolution.

At the heart of this platform is the Batcha bet matching patent algorithm, which automatically matches bets between different users. The betting algorithm eliminates the need to do manual bet matching and makes the betting process more smooth and quick.

Batcha mobile application for android and ios list all the games that are open for betting, plus provides the functionality to do betting on those games, also some more perks like invite on a bet or bet a friend.

Client Requirements 

Betcha comes to us as a startup idea where clients have done some initial work on the implementation, workflows, and system components, Loopbrackets joined Bacha as a technology enabler and consultant.

The initial step was to design a betting mobile application that should be targeted for the masses with the aesthetics of a real-world betting environment and platform. since there was no such peer-to-peer betting platform with a trained user base so the initial plan was to design such an application where users should feel secure & confident.

Application development was the 2nd step of the initial plan where batcha wants to build a multi-platform mobile application. Since most of the betting in the real world happened in the last minutes before the game starts, so the application should be capable of handling all kinds of peak betting scenarios for big games. Accuracy to the level of smallest friction is the key when it comes to financial applications so transactional accuracy and security were the basic but core requirements.


While understanding peer-to-peer sports betting we discovered that it is the next big thing in the USA after the Supreme court ruling overturned a 1992 prohibition on legal sports betting at the state level and building a platform on top of such opportunity will come with challenges.

If batcha want to stay ahead of competitors and give their user reliable experiences few points are important i.e. Having a latest and accurate games information will be the key,

Bet making and matching should be a hassle-free, user should feel confident about the platform while betting

During our initial client interaction, we understand that Batcha management teams do not have much technical background. so it would be challenging for us to have them understand our tech stack decisions. now it is up to us to build it to the best of our ability and also stick to its stakes.


Understanding the idea and the potential market was the key focus during the discovery process which led us to build a comprehensive strategy regarding the user experience, Application Tech Stack, and most important payment system.

The potential users of the application are those who used to do betting in the real world illegal sports betting market, plus on top will be newly attracted users because of its new legal status.

The plan was to give the user experience that is comprehensive and simple. so we can compensate the experience betties as well as the ones who are new to the game. A dark and catchy color scheme was selected as the base of the application.

Since the application that we are going to build does not have any particular mobile platform requirements either for IOS or Android, the suggestion was to build it on top of a hybrid platform that can run on both platforms, and Ionic was suggested as a framework for mobile application. Loopbrackets does have more than 3 years of experience building applications in the Ionic framework. on the Backend, we used Nodejs with Redis for in-memory caching and PostgreSQL as the main DB Engine.

Finding a payment gateway that supports betting as financial transactions and is reliable enough to support our forecasted transaction volume was much of a challenge. which led us to dig into the small but complex world of online payment systems.


The initial practical phase was to design the mobile application with the close coordination of our client and some of its internal circle real-world betties. The design was approved after several revisions which lead to the project setup and architecture design, Back end / API project was established on node.js and Express framework with Sequelize as an ORM. The ionic-based project was set up on the front-end.

While building the architecture of the application at Loopbrackets our core focus is always to set up a project which should follow the market standard and best coding practices. Latest and the most suitable technology platform is what we choose for our clients.

Initially, the user management system was set up in the Ionic application. Mobile Application only has one type of user that can manage all its betting and financial flows. Application core features were Open betting, Add a Friend, Accept a Friend, Bet a Friend And Cancel a Bet which was developed with standard notifications.

Batcha Platform also has some other supporting plugins i.e. auto bet Matching plugin, Game Fetching plugin, Admin Panel for support, and internal reporting.


Betcha is currently our ongoing project which is set to launch soon.


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